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The idea for Two Punks and a Print Shop came about when Rhett and Jon met while working on Debra Rodman’s Virginia state senate campaign in 2019. Rhett mentioned off hand that it was cold in the office and Jon immediately handed over a heavy leather jacket that sparked their friendship. The two immediately bonded over the things that were important to them: punk music, comics, art, working in Democratic politics, and social justice--you know, the little things in life. 


Jon had the opportunity to create graphics and posters for Rodman’s campaign, and created the iconic branding that makes her pink glasses stand out from a block away. They continued working together for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. From there, the two began to think of ways to combine their desire to be a resource for state level and local progressive candidates, organizations, and movements with an IBEW unionized printshop. They had seen first hand how difficult it was for down-ballot candidates to get a place with large firms for print and design….And they also just wanted to make cool political art!

Their in-house design aesthetic is meant to be loud and readable from a block away and draws on influences from street art, vintage boxing posters, comics books, and rock & roll posters. Outside of politics, they also make a ton of cool art and create designs for bands and businesses local to RVA and in Jon’s old stomping grounds of Chicago.

Art Director - PUNK 1

Jon is a long time political activist and artist.  Growing up in central Illinois he became active in the local music scene of the early 2000’s, and found his artistic voice while at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  While there he also got active in the political and activist scene. 


His work has been shown in Chicago, Baltimore, the Triangle and Triad region of North Carolina, New York and our very own RVA!  His work draws on comic books, sci-fi, and street art.


He has worked as a Democratic organizer and operative continuously since 2017. 


Operations Director - PUNK 2

Rhett got her start in politics after the devastation she felt from the 2016 election. 


In 2018  when she heard that the coordinated campaign  in Virginia was hiring, she applied for the FO position and she's been fighting to win and keep seats in the commonwealth ever since. She doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

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